Sunset Cruises 4pm – 6pm

Price From : $79.00

SUNSET CRUISES – 4.00 – 6.00pm

Experience the delights of the Gold Coast Broadwater at sunset. Your trip will transition from daytime with the sun sparkling on the water to the romance of sunset over the gold coast hinterland.

The water is the ideal vessel to capture the changes in light at this time of the day, it is truly magical and not to be missed.

Imagine you and your friends or loved one sitting on the deck of our beautiful yacht Epsilon with the sun shining in all its Queensland glory. An hour and a half or so into our trip, the sun will lower, transitioning into evening. Nature will show off with an array of hues in oranges and pinks for you to truly enjoy. This is a moment to sit, breathe and revel in nature at it’s best. We are truly blessed to be able to share this experience with you.