Do you have an office or business signage at the pickup point?

We do not have an office at the Seaway Pontoon on Muriel Henchman Drive Main Beach. This is a council owned pontoon/jetty used by many commercial vessels. You will not find Sun Sailing signage here however Google Maps does indicate where we are located on their maps. You will also receive a confirmation text from us on the day of your trip with images of what to look for when you arrive at your pickup destination.

Where do you pick us up?

We collect our guests from the Seaway Pontoon/jetty located on Muriel Henchman Drive in Mainbeach. This location can be accessed via car, uber, taxi, electric bike, or a public bus which will drop you at Seaworld which is a 10-15 minute walk to the pontoon. If driving, please ensure you park in a car- only space, not a car/trailer space to avoid prosecution by the local council.

Is your yacht accessible to all persons?

As you will be sailing on a 38ft yacht, there are some considerations needing to be made when booking with us. You will be required to step up onto the deck of the yacht to travel with us. We can assist with this if required however there is a low level of mobility required. Our yacht is not suitable for those in wheelchairs as we do not have ramps nor storage capacity for chairs.

We do have a toilet onboard, it is located inside our yacht and is navigated by climbing down 3 steep stairs. It will not be suitable for all accessibility requirements. Please contact us prior to booking if this may be a consideration for you.

Should you require a carer or have a service animal, please contact us. We are more than happy to accommodate you. 0493 473 409.

Do we need to have sailing/boating experience?

You are not required to have any boating or sailing experience. Once onboard, your only job will be to sit back and relax. Our skipper and crew will take care of all of your needs.

Do you do a safety briefing?

At the commencement of each cruise and charter, our crew will run you through a safety briefing including life jackets, safety when moving around the vessel and what to do should someone fall overboard. We have life jackets onboard however as we are travelling in sheltered waters, it is not a requirement for you to wear a life jacket during our cruises/charters. Please reach out if you have any concerns about your safety onboard Epsilon. We have limited numbers of children size life jackets, if this is a requirement you will have, please contact us prior to booking.

Is your cruise COVID-19 Safe?

Our vessel is regularly sanitised and we provide individual plates to ensure no cross contamination. We abide by all Government regulations regarding Covid-19 safety.

Can we bring our children onboard?

We welcome children (7-17) onboard our cruises and charters, however if you feel that your child will possibly be disruptive to other guests, we recommend you booking a private charter. If you have a baby or toddler, we recommend you book a private charter. Folding prams can be stored downstairs on our yacht. Please reach out if you require any advice on how to best accommodate your family. We would love to help. Should you require life jackets for your children, please reach out prior to booking to ensure that we have the correct safety equipment for your child.

What can we expect on our cruise/charter?

Our two hour cruises and charters welcome you onboard at the Seaway Pontoon in Mainbeach. Once all of our guests are safely onboard, our crew will welcome you with an acknowledgement of country then go through a safety briefing to ensure that all of our guests know what to expect and where everything is. Drink orders will then be taken to give you the opportunity to make the most of every moment onboard.

Whilst you are enjoying your first drink with us, we will take you alongside the Gold Coast spit where you can watch out for horses exercising on the beach, families enjoying a fun day out and often dolphins swimming in the shallow waters, vying for a feed.

We will cruise alongside the Gold Coast Spit, past the entrance to the Seaway, Porpoise Point on South Stradbroke Island and Wavebreak Island. We will sail adjacent to South Stradbroke Island to South Currigee Beach then turn around and sail or cruise home watching the sun set behind the Gold Coast hinterland and highrises.

You will be served your snack plate to enjoy on the way to South Currigee along with your second complimentary beverage.

What is included in our charter or cruise?

We provide as part of our two-hour cruises/charter 2 glasses of sparkling wine, beer, sparkling water, or soft drink. Should you require more than this, please feel free to bring your own. Please note, we do not tolerate extreme alcohol consumption as this will endanger both the safety of the passengers and crew.

A food platter with cheese/crackers/fruit and something sweet will be provided for your enjoyment during your cruise/charter. We can accommodate dietary requirements, however, in certain circumstances, this may attract a small surcharge. Please speak with us if you have dietary requirements. Your safety is our main concern.

We can provide more extensive catering for you on our private charters, please reach out with any questions to allow us to cater for your needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 48 hours prior to the cruise, you are welcome to rebook or to receive a voucher for the value of the trip to rebook at your convenience. A refund may be available in certain circumstances.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the cruise, you can either rebook or receive a voucher for the value of the trip to rebook at your convenience.

No refunds will be given if cancellation is received within 24 hours of the cruise or if you do not show up for your cruise.

Do your cruises go ahead if the weather is bad?

At Sun Sailing we focus on our guest’s comfort and safety. We reserve the right to postpone a trip should there be a severe weather warning. Vouchers will be provided for the guest to rebook at a time suitable to their schedule.

As our yacht has weather protection, we will run our cruises even if it’s raining. We will only cancel if there is a severe weather warning.

Do you have minimum numbers for your cruises to go ahead?

We do not have minimum numbers for our cruises. This means if you book a trip with us, we will turn up.

What should we wear?

The deck of our yacht has a white non-slip coating which is easily marked with black soles. As such, please wear flat non-marking shoes onboard. Feel free to remove your shoes if you wish to sail with bare feet.

Please bring a jacket as it is often cool in the wind. A hat may also be a welcome addition to protect your face from the sun. There is some shelter from the sun, however, generally you will have the sun on your side of the yacht for at least half of the trip, as such, please wear sunscreen.

We have blankets on board to keep you extra cosy should the weather be cold.

Can I Smoke or Vape?

It is our company policy to exclude all smoking and vaping onboard our cruises and charters. This is the case regardless of whether you are on a cruise or private charter. We thank you for your understanding.

What if I suffer from motion or sea sickness?

If you suffer from motion sickness, you may wish to take your usual medication for this ailment prior to coming onboard with us. When sailing on the Broadwater, there is generally not much boat movement, however at times a passing vessel will create a wake which will rock the boat.

When joining our whale watching charters, we recommend a preventative approach rather than a reactive one. If you know that you are likely to suffer from motion sickness, please see your chemist the day before for advice and possible medication. We do not offer medication onboard.

Can we swim or snorkel on our cruise?

Our two hour cruises are ideal for guests wishing to relax onboard a luxury yacht. We do not cater for swimming or snorkelling on our two hour cruises or charters.

Should you wish to swim, we can accommodate this activity on our “fun day on the water” charters. Swimming is only recommended for guests who can swim safely without life vests.

Is there a toilet onboard?

Yes, we have a toilet onboard. It is located down 3 steep stairs so some mobility is required to use this convenience.