Grant and Catherine are a couple who were born to be on the water. Wilson the Spoodle learnt to love sailing from the age of 8 weeks and is a valued member of the crew.

Having a grandfather who was a boatbuilder and growing up on the water in Wellington harbour New Zealand, Grant formed a passion for sailing early on in his life. He went on to crew international racing yachts throughout his 20’s and has been a recreational sailor ever since.

Grant has chosen to make sailing both his business and recreational joy and has been working as a skipper on a cruising and whale watching yacht prior to purchasing Epsilon in 2022.

Catherine’ father was in the Merchant Navy and introduced her to sailing in her childhood. She has sailed recreationally most of her life and loves being on the water.

Epsilon, our 38ft Van de Stadt yacht was built by Michael Tromp in 1999. Michael has sailed her in 4 Sydney to Hobart races. She is a beautiful yacht who has been cruising the Gold Coast waters for the past 15 years.

Our vision is to provide an exceptional cruising experience for both locals and tourists.