Gold Coast Boat Charters

MORNING             8.30  – 10.30am

There is no better way to begin a day than with a private sail on the dazzling Gold Coast Broadwater.

Enjoy your morning on the water with your chosen person or a small group of your loved ones. Relish in the feeling of the invigorating coastal breeze and the morning light as it dances on the water. Our yacht Epsilon departs at 8.30am to bring you back before lunch. Sit on the deck and breakfast on pastries, croissants and coffee, or indulge in a sparkling wine or two.

Whether you’ve never been sailing before or are an expert, our morning cruise will be an experience to remember.

 MIDDAY             12.00 – 2.00pm

Break up the day with a stunning midday private charter along the Gold Coast Broadwater.

You can choose a romantic charter with just you and your loved one or come onboard with your chosen people. You will enjoy the warm weather and the sun glittering on the water as you relax on the foredeck of our 38ft yacht Epsilon, sipping a cold beverage and lunching on our delicious grazing board. Midday is a perfect time to experience the Broadwater and spend time with your friends, family, colleagues or loved ones.

AFTERNOON              2.00 – 4.00pm

What a fabulous way to spend the afternoon; two hours of luxuriating on your own privately chartered sailing yacht.

Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back whilst cruising along the magnificent Gold Coast Broadwater.  We will sail past Wavebreak and South Stradbroke islands, giving you a chance to glimpse the ocean as we past the seaway.

Dolphins are often seen on our charters so keep your eyes peeled for these tranquil creatures of the sea.

Don’t eat too much for lunch as you will have the ideal grazing board for an afternoon session, including two glasses of sparkling wine or beer.


SUNSET               4.00 – 6pm

Experience the magic of a Gold Coast sunset with your loved one.

Our private Sunset Charter will have you and your closest sailing the Gold Coast Broadwater as day dips into night over the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland.  This charter is the perfect  duration to experience the lush exhilaration of the sun, wind and water before the sun begins to sink below the horizon.

Gold Coast sunsets are some of the most beautiful in the world. Have you experienced one aboard a luxury 38ft yacht? You can expect to see new and familiar hues of orange and pink fill the sky. Enjoy two glasses of sparkling or beer and our renowned grazing board whilst you soak in this beautiful feat of nature.


Every June, the majestic Humpback whales embark on their journey north to give birth. We are truly privileged to have the Gold Coast as a part of their migratory route.

Whale-watching season on the Gold Coast kicks off in early June, however it’s in early July when the sightings of both mother and calf peak.

Join us on our whale-watching charters for a chance to witness the bonding moments between mother and calf, as they frolic on their way back to Antarctica. Keep your eyes peeled for the iconic white whale, Migaloo!

Being a private charter where you bring a maximum of 6 guests, this is an unforgettable bucket list experience.

Our skipper and crew will look after your comfort whilst providing a snack plate of croissants and fruit along with a coffee or sparkling wine or two.

Bring your cameras, you won’t want to miss capturing the breaching or skyhopping, tail slapping or mugging (when they come up to our boat to check us out). It will definitely be a charter to remember. 

Our whale watching adventure charter is $849 all inclusive for up to 6 guests.



Cruise the western channel past Runaway Bay, Ephron and Sovereign Islands up towards Couran Cove on your own PRIVATE YACHT.

Anchor at Curagee beach for lunch onboard,  with a couple of hours to enjoy the blue waters of the Gold Coast with a swim and play. Sit on our on-water platform with your feet in the water, try out our stand up paddle board or jump in and swim straight off the yacht to adventure on South Stradbroke Island if you are game.

We return along South Stradbroke Island, the Gold Coast Seaway and Wavebreak Island.

Prawn and Chicken salad lunch along with 2 drinks of your choice (sparkling wine, beer or soft) are included in this fabulous day out package for up to 10 guests for the all inclusive price of $850.


murder mystery onboard yacht

Murder on the high seas!!! Not quite, but nearly. Our 3 hour murder mystery evenings are held onboard our 38ft yacht Epsilon.

Gather your friends for a night to remember. You will commence your journey on deck with a glass of bubbly whilst you experience the magical sunset of the Gold Coast. Once the sun has set, the mystery begins.

Whilst sailing on the calm waters, your group will have 2 hours to work on the clues provided to determine which of your group has it in them to be a murderer!!

Enjoy a grazing table for dinner and a sparkling wine or beer whilst working through the clues provided. Who can you trust and who should you fear?

Once the murderer has been caught, come back up on deck to delight in the sparkling lights of the Gold Coast at night.

At only $150pp all inclusive with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 guests, this will be an exciting and stimulating night of fun and frivolity. You will be provided with character summaries and dress up suggestions. Whilst dressing up is not compulsory, it is definitely encouraged.


Morning, Midday Or Sunset

Sun Sailing offer charters at a time of the day to suit your schedule.

Our morning trips are accompanied by our beautiful snack package of croissants, danishes and coffee or sparkling wine. Popular with locals and tourists, what better way to start the day!

Our midday trips leave the dock at 12noon, the perfect time to stop, smell the sea and maybe see some frolicking dolphins. You can expect to sip on sparkling wine and enjoy delicious surprises in our cheese and crackers snack box. Whether joining with friends or work colleagues on an exclusive charter or having the boat to yourselves on an intimate charter, midday is a great time to be on the water.

Sunset is beautiful, as we transition between day and night. We start our sunset trip between 4 & 5 depending on the season whilst the sun is still up and shining.  Enjoy the warm breeze and sparkling waters of the Broadwater before watching the sun slowly set behind the Gold Coast hinterland. Our sunset trips provide the perfect setting for a celebration whether that be a birthday, engagement, anniversary, graduation, or just a celebration of life!